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Coronado Bridge view
Located just across the bay from downtown San Diego, most people arrive here by crossing the Coronado Bridge. The principal architect was Robert Mosher. The bridge spans a little over two miles and first opened on August 3, 1969. It is designed exclusively for motor vehicles - there are no walkways or shoulder for pedestrians. The bridge was built high enough so that all Navy ships could pass underneath it.

Royal living on Coronado

“It’s the perfect place to live,” said Pablo Guitierrez who moved to Coronado recently. “It’s very peaceful and quiet. You don’t even need a car here.” Guitierrez prefers to get around Coronado on his bike. There are breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Islands, Point Loma and the San Diego skyline. With its' famous beaches, landmark hotel and upscale restaurants, this is an enchanted place for visitors and those who live here.

Coronado is a city with its own mayor and city council. While many people think of Coronado as an island, it is actually a peninsula connected from the south by a thin strip of land called the “Silver Strand.” Most people arrive here via the Coronado Bridge. The two-mile bridge curves beautifully over San Diego Bay. The bridge is designed exclusively for motor vehicles - there are no walkways or shoulders for pedestrians. A fun option from downtown San Diego is taking the ferry. For $4.25 each way, you could take a 15-minute ride on a ferry across the bay. The ferry departs from the Broadway Pier and the Convention Center. You arrive at the Coronado Ferry Landing where there are shops and restaurants with great views of the San Diego skyline.

bikes in Coronado - San Diego


“This is a great neighborhood to live, work and play,” said Charlotte Rudowicz whose grandfather built a home here in the 1940s. “It’s also a great place to raise children,” said Rudowicz who has two sons that attend school here. She and her family enjoy going to the beach and she rarely finds the need to leave Coronado. “I go off island maybe a couple times a week to go to shop at Target or Costco,” she said.

As a resident and Realtor with Prudential California Coronado office, Rudowicz is very knowledgeable about local real estate. “There are military families that relocate every few years, and there are families that have lived on Coronado for several generations, going back over 100 years,” said Rudowicz. She cites current listings range from $525,000 for a two-bedroom condo, up to $15 million for a luxury estate. The median price in June for a single-family home here was $1.5 million - an increase of 5% from a year ago. The median price for condos in June was $937,500 - an increase of 22% from a year ago.

This is one of the most-expensive places to live in San Diego County. In Spanish, Coronado means "the crowned one." If you've ever been here, you know this is a special place. With its white sandy beaches, the Hotel Del Coronado and views of Point Loma, this is the postcard image that attracts visitors from all over the world. Over 24,000 people live in Coronado.

Coronado houses
Coronado with its quaint neighborhoods, tree-line streets and exquisite skyline, bay and ocean views, holds a spot among the top 20 most-expensive cities in the U.S.

downtown view
Views of the San Diego skyline are available from backyards along San Diego Bay.

Coronado with its quaint neighborhoods with tree-line streets, holds a spot among the top 20 most-expensive cities in the U.S. In May 2015the median price for a home in Coronado was $1.7 million; condos were $1 million. There are a variety of architectural styles from historically preserved Victorians to Spanish villas to contemporary homes. Homes along San Diego Bay have beautiful views of the San Diego downtown skyline.

Hotel Del

"The Del" is the crown jewel of Coronado. It is also the postcard vision that attracts visitors from around the world to San Diego.

Coronado is a popular tourist destination and has visitors from around the world. There are over 17 hotels, including three world-class resorts, great restaurants, an 18-hole golf course, boutiques, a movie theater, art galleries and yacht marinas. The crown jewel of the island is the Hotel Del Coronado or simply known as "The Del." The Victorian beachfront masterpiece is a National Historic Landmark and is as impressive now as when the seaside resort was built in 1888. Orange Avenue is the main street where there are many shops and restaurants.

Dogs on beach in Coronado
The dog-friendly area at Coronado's north beach. The beaches of Coronado are often listed as the best in the world.

Coronado is recognized for having some of the best beaches in the world. In 2008, the Travel Channel rated Coronado Beach as the fifth best beach in America. The wide sand beach runs along Ocean Boulevard with a back drop of fine homes and mansions. There are plenty of amenities for a day at the beach including restrooms, shower facilities, fire rings and lifeguards. There is fishing in front of the Hotel del Coronado and a dog run at the north end. Parking is free along Ocean Boulevard. South of The Del, Silver Strand beach runs for over four miles.

On the bay side south of the Hotel del Coronado is Glorietta Bay beach park which has a unique view of the Coronado Bridge. There is a large grass-filled park, restrooms, playground equipment, and a small beach area.

Coronado also has a U.S. Navy presence. In the 1920s the Navy established Naval Air Station North Island that today occupies the entire north half of Coronado and is home to three aircraft carriers. At the southern end of town the Naval Amphibious Base is home to the elite Navy SEALs.

North Island
The Navy base occupies the north end of Coronado and is home to three aircraft carriers.

While it sometimes feels like an island, Coronado lies on a peninsula connected to the mainland by a 10-mile isthmus called the Silver Strand so you can also drive up from Imperial Beach in the south.

There is a small group of islands - the Coronado Islands or Islas Coronados in Spanish. The four islands are about 20 miles off the coast and are called Coronado del Norte, Pilon de Azucar, Coronado del Centro and Coronado del Sur. They belong to the Mexican state of Baja California and are mostly uninhabited except for lighthouse keepers and a small military presence.

This is certainly one of the most-charming places to live in San Diego - with a price tag to match. There are breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Coronado Islands, Point Loma and the San Diego skyline. With its' famous beaches, landmark hotel and upscale restaurants, this is an enchanted place for visitors and a unique place for the people who live here.

Coronado History - bank
Historic buildings (LEFT) The Bank Of Coronado. (RIGHT) The Village Theater on Orange Avenue has three screens

“It feels like you’re on vacation when you live here,” said Kory Kavenewsky, who has lived on Coronado for over 20 years. “It is very quaint and easy to get around. You can hop on your bike and have drinks at the Hotel Del overlooking the ocean.”

As a mortgage broker, Kavenewsky is glad that banks are doing more “jumbo” real estate loans now than they have been in recent years. “They (mortgage lenders) see that prices hit bottom a couple years ago and they feel that prices are not likely to fall, so it’s safe to do these loans now.” This helps homebuyers get financing they need to buy the higher-priced homes here.

Dining in Coronado
Restaurants at the Coronado Ferry Landing offer panoramic views of the San Diego downtown skyline.

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