Mt. Helix - crown jewel of San Diego's east county

When people visit San Diego, Mt. Helix is on the itinerary for its alpine air, 360-degree, panoramic views of San Diego, the Pacific Ocean, the hills of Mexico to the south, and the unique natural amphitheater atop the hill. Its historical roots date back to the 1800s. The Greek-derived word helix, is a noun meaning spiral, gyre, or cone with an architectural sense of anything conical or spiraling - just as the roads here spiral like the interior of a snail's shell towards the pinnacle of Mt. Helix. The term helix could also metaphorically refer to the infamous thirty-five-foot, white cross atop Mt. Helix spiraling towards the sky.

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There are many luxury custom homes in Mount Helix that enjoy panoramic views.

Mt. Helix has gorgeous maxi-million dollar homes studded throughout the flats, hills and atop Mt. Helix. And in addition to Mt. Helix's $5 million-plus homes, the more affordable median home price in the Mt. Helix/LaMesa area was $477,000 in May, 2015 according to DataQuick. Potential buyers should consider the central location, relatively short commute time in any direction via I-8 and the many state highways, a population of under 20,000, a superb and beautiful location, an involved community, artistic venues, and the active constituents in Mt. Helix.

Mount Helix has an elevation of 1,370 feet. At the summit is Mt. Helix Park, a historic site with a large outdoor amphitheatre nestled into the hillside below the magnificent 35-foot-tall cross.

Mt. Helix Park is recognized as one of San Diego's magnificent landmarks easily identified by the towering thirty-five foot tall white cross seated on top of the mountain area where people plan romantic weddings, anniversary parties, picnics, hiking or to simply lie back and relax as they enjoy the peace and serenity of the area. A jaunt up the winding hill passing the villas and luxury homes is worth the trip. If you get hungry after your hike up the hill, many restaurants such as Zizzo's Ristorante Italiano (3759 Avocado Blvd, La Mesa), the Boll Weevil (3637 Avocado Blvd, La Mesa) King Dragon Chinese Restaurant (3705 Avocado Blvd, La Mesa), and others can satisfy your appetite. This neighborhood, also often called, Casa de Oro-Mount Helix in La Mesa offers residents a story-book history, rich culture, myriad civic opportunities, a treasure trove of eateries, coffee houses and beautiful homes and condos that are currently on the market with listing prices ranging from approximately $190,000 for one - two bedroom condos and on up to the multi-million dollar homes that make Mt. Helix in La Mesa a wonderful place to live

round house
Famous rotating round house takes advantage of a 360-degree view atop Mt. Helix.

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Along winding streets, there are spectacular custom homes dotting the hillside of Mount Helix.

Mt. Helix view
The western view from atop Mount Helix extends to Downtown San Diego, Point Loma and beyond.


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