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Point Loma is on a peninsula with San Diego Bay to the south and Mission Bay to the north. The neighborhood has an estimated population of nearly 48,000. For people thinking of moving here, the neighborhoods of Point Loma consist primarily of single-family homes. There are are also a small number of apartment complexes and condominiums. In May, 2015 the median price of a single-family detached homes was $1M according to DataQuick. The median price of condominiums was $900,000. View homes or homes sited on large lots can be found for several million dollars.

Houses along Point Loma Sunset Cliffs
View looks north along Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, toward Ocean Beach.

The retail and commercial heart of the peninsula is Point Loma Village. A new retail area is located at Liberty Station, the site of the former Naval Training Center. The Midway district is in northern end of the peninsula and is primarily commercial and industrial.

Other neighborhood areas within Point Loma include La Playa, Sunset Cliffs, Roseville and Loma Portal. Shelter Island is an area filled with yachting and sport fishing interests and contains hotels, restaurants, parkland and marinas.

If you ask most residents they would probably say they'd rather be nowhere else. Great neighborhoods some with great views of the San Diego skyline while others have panoramic ocean or bay views.

Light House at Point Loma
The historic lighthouse Point Loma overlooks the entrance to San Diego Bay.

"I think the distinctive thing - what drew us here - is this incredibly beautiful ocean-land interface," said Cordelia "Dedi" Ridenour, who lives in one of the original homes built on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, a winding two-lane road that hugs the picturesque ocean bluffs.
Landmarks include the Point Loma lighthouse, a sports arena (now called the Valley View Casino Center) and several military installations.

A quarter-century ago, San Diego turned that 18-acre stretch of bluffs and a 50-acre hillside on the south end into the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park. On a typical day here you'll see surfers in the water, beachgoers among the tide pools, fishermen on the bluffs, and walkers, bicyclists and motorists cruising up and down the boulevard. Sometimes you can sight gray whales way offshore. In the evening, people come from all over to watch the sunset.

house at Sunset Cliffs
The Cliff Mansion at 1203 Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, also known as the Mills House, has been designated by the city as a historical landmark.

Ridenour grew up in the 1920s-era, Spanish-style house she lives in now, and she said many of the neighbors from back then, or their offspring, are still around. "A lot of people who live here now moved here after the war (World War II)," she said. "It's a very, very desirable area to move into, and it's stable."

Point Loma played a significant role in California history by being the landing place of the first European expedition to come ashore on September 28, 1542. Portuguese navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo departed from Mexico and led an expedition for the Spanish crown to explore the west coast. Cabrillo recognized the bay as a great port.

Today Point Loma houses two major military bases, a national cemetery, a national monument, and a university, in addition to residential and commercial areas.

Surfer along cliffs in Point Loma
Surfing along the reefs out past the the base of the cliffs is a popular activity for many residents. Finding a parking spot along Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is usually not a problem - except when the surf picks up. Signs warn beachgoers to beware of unstable ocean bluffs.

House along winding street in Point Loma
View homes or homes sited on large lots in Point Loma can be several million dollars. Most neighborhoods in Point Loma consist primarily of single-family homes and the median price of a single-family detached homes was $710,000 in 2011.

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Cabrillo Elementary
3120 Talbot St.

Loma Portal Elementary
3341 Browning St.

4605 Point Loma Ave.

Sacred Heart Academy
4895 Saratoga Ave.


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